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Re: Seeking: Kayak sailing info
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Hey Jeff
i've seen a couple of those Hobie trimaran sailing kayak rigs on a little lake around here. Might want to study those. they look pretty cool. I think the mast rotates to furl or deploy the sail. and they've got pedal power too. Pretty neat but maybe a little complicated to set up and break down.
I got the bug myself and started just today on a spars for a rig like the ones I found here:

You might check out too - same idea.

I'm going to add a leeboard of some sort and probably a real rudder, or maybe just steer with a paddle for now.
I'm trying to avoid the complication of outriggers for now to keep things more simple. I'm thinking about only a 25 sq. ft. sail on my 10 ft. camo kayak.
Once I've got something to show I'll post some pics of my rig.