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Re: S&G: do you have to put fibreglass on the hull

just a ? if building in strip, would you have to glass the boat are just some good oil base paint?


: I work with 4-mm plywood, don't know anything about 3-ml. I tape
: the inside seams to keep the weight down. You can get away with
: only epoxy on the outside but you will have no abrasion
: protection. I remember reading a post by someone here years ago
: who had a kayak with absolutely no glass at all, just glued
: together. He said that it lasted 20 years with no issues.
: Apparently it was still in use at the time of posting. 3-ml
: seems kind of thin for a kayak with no glass on the outside. If
: you're gonna go that thin, I'd say glass the entire inside
: instead of just using tapes. Otherwise, I think a 4-ml ply with
: inside tapes would work just fine...but don't hit any rocks.

: Robert N Pruden