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Re: Strip: position for adjustable foot braces

: I am about ready to glass the deck to the hull of my Guillemot
: Play, and am concerned about the adjustable foot braces. It
: seems that if I place them per directions, 2" below the
: sheer, there will be limited room, and I might only make contact
: to the braces with my heel. If I placed the braces above the
: sheer on the underside of the deck, it might be more
: comfortable. Any thoughts on this? Attaching them after the hull
: and deck are joined, will be very difficult.
: Thanks,
: Barry

Btw, if the hull is glassed on both sides, take it out on the lawn and sit in it and see where you'll want your feet, can even tape on the deck.

The grass will cushion it well enough to not hurt anything, just don't stand in it.

Bill H.