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Re: Strip: First hatch done...
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: Jim, with the method I used the magnets a little proud of the
: surface would not be too much of a problem. What I would do in
: your case is add some glass to increase the thickness before you
: cut your hatch so you will not have to leave the magnets proud.
: The magnets are 1/8" thick so it should not take too much
: glass.

: The next hatch I do (later this week) I will document with photos.
: check out this link...


Thats an interestingly beautiful kayak. It's like the humpback whale of kayaks :) I see how you created the hatches in the photo's but could you list the materials you used and where you found them? Magnets (size and whatever other characteristics) and the plastic film you used as a barrier to the epoxy are what i'm most interested in. The film gave a great looking texture. I'm about to build my hatches and i want to steal your technique!