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Re: Skin-on-Frame: Scarf location

: Band saw is a good tool, I just could not get a good cut with mine.
: The saw blade would bend just a little when I started the cut
: and I would end up with surfaces that didn't mate perfectly. I
: could have probably gotten mine to work but I didn't want to be
: constantly changing blades, and fiddling with the saw so I just
: went back to the tables saw. All I have to do is put the scarf
: jig in place, adjust the blade height and I am good to go.

: If you can get the bandsaw to work and give you a good mating
: surface it is by far safe than the table saw. I have a scars to
: prove it.

I use a 3/4" wide blade on a cast iron bandsaw with lots of blade tension, works fine.

Still with epoxy you don't need perfect mating surfaces, you need a reasonable thickness to the epoxy in the joint for it to be strong, perhaps 1/32" - 1/16", it's not like other glues. Squeeze out the epoxy with extra clamping pressure and perfectly mated surfaces and you lose most of the strength.

Bill H.