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Re: Strip: Maroskes using sleeve 'glass

Looks great. What is the clear inner tubing you're using here?

: I like Maroske deck fittings but they take a while to make and seem
: like they are heavier than they need to be. So I tried making
: them with ‘glass sleeving instead of chopped up cloth and lots
: of thickened epoxy. I haven’t weighed them but they sure look
: lighter. I tried to pull one apart and I’m sure if you were
: hanging onto a deck line with your kayak in the surf, your arm
: would come off before the sleeve Maroske broke. With the sleeve
: you get bonding of the glass right through the thickness of the
: deck, not just on the inner surface of the deck. With
: traditional construction I also found I sometimes got sharp
: edged voids along the tube from trapped bubbles. With the sleeve
: there is no chance of this. Final advantage is that you can use
: the loop under the deck to attach stuff like hatch tethers and
: what-not. Here are a few more photos and notes: