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Re: Skin-on-Frame: Incomplete coverage goop questi

: Anyone had any experience with what to do with incomplete goop
: coverage on a skin boat?
: I was re-skinning my 16.5' baidarka (mixed the goop wrong last
: time). Got the fabric and it seemed to be a bit heavy (thick
: too), but I put it on anyway.
: Anyway as I was gooping it (using coreys goop from the skinboat
: school) I noticed that it wasn't going as far as it had on the
: last 3 boats I had done. I got it all on the boat with no
: dripping but I ended up using an entire can just on the hull,
: and I still had parts where the weave of the fabric was poking
: through. Fortunately I had a half can left over from my canoe so
: I was able to get a few coats on the deck, but I still have
: kinda patchy coverage. It all seems to be water tight, but the
: weave of the fabric is showing in quite a few places.
: Any thoughts on what should I do?
: I think my options are:
: 1: paddle it and dont worry about it
: 2: buy another kit of goop and hope that it adheres to the stuff on
: the boat
: 3: put a layer of some other polyurethane on top and hope for the
: same

: Thoughts?

You have the hull covered completely, but just one coat of goop on the deck, right?
If that is the case, your boat is waterproof now - you can go and paddle it. Almost all the waterproofing is done by the first coat of goop, the rest is
just the embellishment to achieve the sleek, shiny look.
However, if it's the shiny look you are after, then I would buy some extra goop (ask Corey for the 1/2 kit - he has them in stock)
Goop is an amazing material - it stick TENACIOUSLY to anything. Did I say TENACIOUSLY?
Put a bit of it on your hand - 3 days later you will still try to get it off with sandpaper :-)
Sand the deck lightly, and the new layer of goop should stick fine.
Do not try to apply any other material over goop - it will peel-off in the long run.

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