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Re: Strip: How to store hull?
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: Something I have read elsewhere (One Ocean Kayaks maybe?), is some
: sort of support to ensure the hull does not twist. The spreaders
: will not prevent this. It probably wouldn't twist a lot, and if
: it did I imagine you could pull it back into alignment when you
: join the halves anyway. But it's worth considering.

: Cheers, Ian

Hi Ian,

I can't imagine what the support would look like to brace the kayak so it can't twist, would just about need a second strongback. Not really needed if you're using spreaders, you can sight along them every once in awile and see if it's twisting, fairly easy to correct if it happens, probably easier to fix it than trying to prevent it.

The best idea though is to not just stick the glassed hull in a corner unbraced and forget it, might not like what it looks like when it's time to add the deck.

Bill H.