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10,000 yrs old? Probably older ! *PIC*

: As per usual, there's not much new under the sun in boatbuilding :)

: Bill H.

There was an article a few weeks ago on AOL's news pages about boatbuilding tools being found on an island. The island was many miles from the mainland, so the only way to get there was to come by boat. The tools were stone, and they were dated to be (If I remember correctly) 50,000 or more years old--which kinda threw the archeologists for a loop, as it was way earlier than they had expected. I'm still trying to find that article. While looking for it, though, I came across a boat building program at the North Carolina Maritime Museum, 315 Front Street, Beaufort NC Picture of their building, below, is from their website.

Check it out at

They don't have dates for 2011 classes posted at this time, but you could probably e-nail them. All their contact info is on their website.