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Re: Strip: How to store hull?

: I'll definitely second that. Here's a pic of my SECOND hull ready
: to go up above for storage on load slings. The first one is now
: a toboggan. It went too far out of shape in a couple months of
: summer heat to use. Live and learn.

: If you're building a Guillemot, I've got a cut list for the
: spanners.


: Kirk

I took this good idea one step further. My spreaders are two piece sets with slots, 1/4" bolts and wing nuts so they adjust for length. I ended up with 4 groups that adjust from 8" to 27". Now I have spreaders to fit both the hull and deck that will fit anywhere on any size boat I decide to build. Very easy to set the length just measure the form width and set spreaders at the staple holes. If I was smart enough to post a photo I would :((