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Rigid Frame History -10,000 yrs old

: Looking for any information anyone might have or references you
: might know of to the History of Fuselage Frames in boats. I am
: writing an article and would like to have some facts. About all
: I have found it is that is probably started in the early 50's
: maybe late 40's after the war, when cheap plywood became
: available. Past that I don't have a lot more info.

Part of a reindeer antler recognized as from a skin boat was found in Husum, Germany and has been dated to the Ahrensburg Culture of the 9th millenium BC. It has been suggested as part of one of the rigid frames of a 2 frame skin boat.
In the book 'Conway's Earliest Ships', it is suggested being very close to the origins of boatbuilding at 10,000 - 11,000 years ago.