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Re: Other: Fuselage frame History??

: Amazing. Never had thought of folders are Fuselage Frames but no
: doubt they are. Not what I expected but very interesting! I had
: assumed it come about in the late 40's with the advent of cheap
: plywood (after the war).

There was a big "canoe" craze at about the turn of the century (1800's to the 1900's) and kayaks kinda jumped in on that. Seemed that everyone wanted to canoe at about the same time, started late in the 1800's.

Not a heck of alot of difference between a built up wood frame and one cut from a sheet of plywood and built up frames have been popular for hundreds of years ever since commercially available sawn planks became available. So it pre-dates plywood by quite a long time. I'd guess that fuselage SOF's started somewhere between the civil war in the USA and the turn of the century, hard to tell when exactly. Many were built as homebuilts and not alot of history is written about non-commercially built small boats back then.

Bill H.