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Re: Tools: Plane for interior-concave surfaces

I made my own plane from a wood japanese block plane just like the ones in the photo. I don't know how big those are, but mine is basically the size of a small apron plane with the blade ground to fit the shape of the sole. If you use an existing plane such as those purchased from Lee Valley, you will have to adapt the opening to add a shim to keep the blade in place. When I went to Lee Valley some years ago, they did not have anything that shape, so when I made mine I took it back to them to show them what I was asking for and needed as I could not find anything like it anywhere. I start off cleaning the insides with a handled scraper, then move to the plane, then go to a cabinet scraper and finish up with sandpaper. I have found this to work the fastest. Are those Lee Valley? and where is my royallty!!!