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Re: Strip: What did I do wrong here, and how can I *PIC*

: I'm still using the 2" spring clamps to keep
: each new strip fair to the previous.

: WTF?

Hi Darel

If you use clamps between forms to maintain alignment, it is important (especially where the hull curves into the chine area) not to allow the clamp face to distort the radius of the hull shape by twisting the timber outward. The distortion may be small, but it accumulates with every added strip.

See the picture below: this is a fairly flat area of the deck of my North Star, but even here I have not placed the middle of the clamp face on the join.

In a curved area I take care to only have a mm or two of the new strip in the clamp's jaws: just enough to stop it slipping off-line but not enough to stop it laying naturally flat on the forms.

Your real problem though, I would agree with other posts here, is too much clamping force holding the strips together. That much force would necessarily require an absolutely perfect bevel angle.

Small repeated errors add up with each added strip. You are correct to keep an eye on the overall picture as it develops and adjust for or error or remove and replace a couple of strips as the project develops. Denial just leads to disappointment and greater frustration down the line.

A baidarka is a fairly ambitious first project. I promise you, you will absolutely love the boat on the water, the odd imperfection will be very secondary to its performance once you have paddled it. The desire for perfection is nullified by its attainment.

If you haven't yet come across it, I have a build log of my North Star at the following link.

Have fun