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Strip: What did I do wrong here, and how can I fix it? *PIC*

Attahced are two pics down the length of my hull facing aft. I originally noticed my strips starting to pull in between forms when I was about 6 or 8 strips up from the sheerline, so I changed the way I was clamping them for gluing thinking that was the problem. After about three or four more strips I'm noticing the problem only getting worse. How did I screw this up, and what, if anything can I do about it? This seems like a pretty major mess here.

Originally I was using 2" spring clamps along the length of the strip to hold each flush with the previous strip, with adjustable wide-jaw spring clamps between forms to clamp them down for a tight joint. I am using hot glue on the forms. After I noticed the first wave or so I stopped using the wide-jaw clamps to keep the strips tight edge-to-edge and would wrap an inner tube around the strips, struched a little and clamped to hold tight. I'm still using the 2" spring clamps to keep each new strip fair to the previous.