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Re: Strip: bubble under glass repair *PIC*


Get a syringe, drill two 1/16 holes on either side of bubble, inject with epoxy. After it hardens scrape level. It isn't a big deal to go through the glass in that small an area if it is not in the high stress areas around the cockpit and directly behind it for about 2 feet. If it is in these areas sand a depression and place a new piece of glass in it, if you don't sand into the wood you will not see the patch after your done.

The time to dig out the fibers is when they are still wet! Are they under the glass or just under the fill coat? If they are under the glass you will have to use a knife to score the glass (not the wood) and a heat gun to heat the area and lift off the glass, repair as above. You should feather the edge where the old and new glass meet. patching is scary, but in my limited experience it has turned out invisible. if under the fill coat use a knife dremel with a sanding drum or what ever you need to get rid of them, then fill the depressions in.

Don T(hat's what I did)

: I ended up with one small air bubble under the glass on the deck
: about the size of a pea. Any ideas on how to fix it? What will
: it look like if I just scrpe down thorugh it and fill in with
: resin? I also have what appears to be a carpet fiber that
: started out the exact same color as the wood (which is why I
: didn't see it before glassing), but turned jet black the second
: the resin hit it. Any way to dig this out and make it look
: better?

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