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Re: S&G: 90 degree corners
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: Consider not having the fiberglass go around the corner on the
: outside. Instead, on the outside, just run the glass right up to
: the edge of both the bulkhead and the hull to make a very sharp
: corner. On the inside, fillet well and run fiberglass across the
: joint and it should be plenty strong.

: If you do want to run it across the joint on the outside, it would
: help to run mulitple layers of a thinner cloth (3 or 4 oz)
: instead of one layer of thicker cloth. And at a 45 degree bias,
: as someone suggested. My guess is you could get a between a
: 1/8" and 1/16" (2 mm) radius. After laying the cloth
: you might wrap it in plastic kitchen wrap and/or some weights to
: force it to lay down. Visit it every half hour or so as it is
: curing, so you can push down any bubbles in the late 'sticky'
: stage.

: John

Actually might make sense to do a simple vacuum bag layup on these edges, even a wet vac will work, just have to provide airflow thru it so the motor doesn't overheat, leakage built in will work and yes it'll be noisy. That amount of vacuum will easily hold the cloth down to the corner till the epoxy kicks off. An old refrigerator compressor will work better if you can find one, there are several online instructions for how to set one of these up as a vacuum pump.

Bill H.