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Re: S&G: 90 degree corners
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: I am starting to build a three section S&G take-a-part kayak.
: Where the sections separate (double bulkheads), I would like to
: have 90 degree edges to minimize any disruption of water flow
: down the hull.
: I have wrapped light fiberglass cloth around an eighth inch curve
: but with difficulty to keep out air pockets. I am wondering how
: to get full water proof fiberglass edges to protect the wood on
: my sections without any air under the glass.
: Any ideas will be appreciated.
: Randy

Glass the bulkhead side first allowing the glass to be all the way to the edge if not over a little. Wait for full cure, sand back edge of glass to the edge of bulkhead, then glass the outside of the boat over the edge of the bulkhead leaving glass sticking out further. Again wait for full cure sand back and wala done. This will take a while with epoxy and it will rely on a mechanical bond at the edge but it will be a clean look on the outside of the boat.

You could also knife the edge of the cloth on the bulkhead when it is green so you wouldn't have to wait for it to full cure in order to do the outside layer.

Just an idea
dave g