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Re: S&G: 90 degree corners
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: I am starting to build a three section S&G take-a-part kayak.
: Where the sections separate (double bulkheads), I would like to
: have 90 degree edges to minimize any disruption of water flow
: down the hull.
: I have wrapped light fiberglass cloth around an eighth inch curve
: but with difficulty to keep out air pockets. I am wondering how
: to get full water proof fiberglass edges to protect the wood on
: my sections without any air under the glass.
: Any ideas will be appreciated.
: Randy

Btw, it is possible once the bigger radius is formed to go back with fiberglass roving (looks like rope) and make a sharper edge that's mostly cosmetic. It's a real pain in the butt to do though, have to make a temporary mold on one surface to support that surfaces edge then lay the roving and epoxy into that and gradually build up the corner, once that edge is done the other edge of the corner can just be faired with epoxy and microballons. This will take a serious amount of time btw and it won't be clear so you probably will want to paint the hull at least.

I'd suggest using the mold on the hull side then filling the bulkhead side.

Bill H.