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Re: Strip: 3.2 oz Questions
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: I thought about doing the layers one at a time but decided to see
: how the glass would lay down with a gloved hand and a three inch
: chip brush. After about 20 minutes I got both layers hugging the
: boat with no wrinkles ( on the bias) and decided to wet it out,
: glad I did far less of a time frame. The trick was simply to
: take my time getting the glass perfect then wetting was as if
: there was only one layer. More time was spent smoothing on the
: deck due to the cockpit area with the thigh braces but still
: probably only half an hour smoothing the deck. The 3.2 hugs the
: shape of a kayak pretty well even though it is a tighter weave.
: My thought was more prep but less resin thus a lighter layup. I
: won't know till I am finished and weigh the boat but it seems
: pretty light right now.

: dave g

I was the first one here using this glass btw :)

Have used it on 3 boats now.

Bill H.