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Re: Strip: 3.2 oz Questions

: I can't tell you how strong it is but I just finished laying up my
: guillemot a month ago with the same glass. I did two full layers
: wet out at the same time on the hull and deck outside, one layer
: on both insides with a second layer where the hatches are on the
: deck, a second where the seat and feet go, a second on the hull
: under the two hatch locals, and a third layer at the back of the
: coaming area.

: I can tell you that wetting two layers of the 3.2 at once was a
: joke without a seal coat! Just take your time to get every
: wrinkle out of the cloth on both layers before wetting out. The
: guillemot and night heron are close in size so here is the
: amount of resin used for two full layers... hull = 27oz, deck =
: 24oz. I used a single fill coat on the deck and hull brushed on
: and have sanded into it in areas and not gone through with 80
: grit on a orbital total resin used on fill coats... hull 18oz,
: deck 12oz. The 3.2 is awesome for fill coats due the the tight
: 40x40 weave, even when I seamed the two halves together, only
: one fill coat brushed on.

: Good luck hope this helps

: dave g

: btw... I can't see the glass at all under the resin it looks as
: though I just brushed the boat with resin and that is it!
: Also as for the strength it feels stiffer than a production current
: designs boat so good enough for me!

Sounds like a very reasonable layup. A single layer outside is pretty light, dents very easily, ok for an extremely light boat only used in deep water but you have to be very careful with it, double layer on the outside will take much more abuse.

No point at all of fill coats between layers, none.

Single layer inside and extra where wear would be expected is a good idea, shouldn't need a double layer in the whole inside.

Bill H.