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Strip: Guillemot strongback and forms questions

I'm Back! It's been over 10 years since I built my Redbird canoe. Lots has changed (location, job, married, kid, lots more tools) but this forum looks the same! I lofted the Guillemot forms almost ten years ago as well and only recently plotted them out and cut out the forms. I'm slowly going through the strip built kayak book again and have come up with some questions.

I'm planning on using 1/8" x 2"x3" rectangle steel tube for an internal strongback. The book lists the length at 14' 11" can I simply cut my tube to this length or will I need to cut similar to the shape in Nick's video blog for the Petrel?

I'm alittle confused on the form spacing as well the book says 12" the blog for the petrel was less and the book confused me on where and how to start the spacing. I plan on using 1/4" x 3/4" strips and 3/4" forms. Do I measure from the nose of the end form 11.75 and place the first form or what??? Has anyone used the spacer and wedge method for the guillemot? What size did you make your spacers??

Also for the forms that attach directly to the end forms do I need to cut them in half or cut 3/4" out of the middle of them?

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Strip: Guillemot strongback and forms questions
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