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Re: Material: Textured Shelf liner for hatch lips

: Thought I would post this for you guys. Not my idea, I got it form
: Joe Greenley at Redfish, If you want step by step shots Google
: "redfish livingston 420" I know Joe posted picks here
: about that boat a while back.
: Anyway here is my rendition, the textured shelf liner is a perfect
: epoxy barrier, it is self adhesive and leaves a very nice
: finished look. Only one thing make sure to clean off your
: magnets I got in a hurry and did not notice the red dots the
: magnet supplier put on mine until it was too late, now it’s
: under glass.

: I used 3/4" x 1/16" magnets in the lids, and 3/4" x
: 1/8" in the hatch lips, about 2" apart. I would
: consider this an expedition setup. I have not installed the
: gaskets yet but will have no problem sealing these, seeing that
: you could loose a finger if you are not careful putting the lids
: on. SNAP! I am going to use a webbing loop tab at one edge to
: open these and it will be necessary.
: Enjoy. Joe

You might need something like a crowbar to get those hatches off .

Bill H.