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Re: Strip: Strip Nikumi Progress

: Hi Clayton, I thought it must be maple. That curly will really pop.
: I understand the front deck combing recess pic (been installing
: mine this weekend) but I keep looking at your rear deck pic. I
: don't understand what's happening there regarding the combing
: recess. Why does it end so abruptly? My first boat so am full of
: questions.

: Ian
Hi Ian,
It's because the rear deck is flat, just like the SOF version. With the rear deck flat there is no recess that would be provided from deck curvature so I didn't install it. What I did was make the recess end at the side of the combing right at the Curly Maple accent strips. The front recess will make the top of the combing level with the deck ridge and provide a flat surface to build the combing off of.
Oh yea questions are always OK.
Clayton Plunkett