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Material: Carbon Fiber Prepreg
By:Charles T
Date: 2/25/2010, 5:40 pm

I have a supply of Carbon Fiber Prepreg for sale if anyone wants it. This is prepreg so it can't be used in the manner used by most of the builders of kayaks, but if someone wanted to build high end hulls or maybe paddles, this could be a very good deal. I'll try to answer questions, but I'll say now, if you don't yet know what prepreg is, you probably do not want to buy. This would not work on a woodstrip hull as a replacement for wet layup fiberglass. Also, material must be stored at 0 deg F, though can be kept at 70F for approx 2-3 weeks. (for shipping and use)

- 36" width
- 6k T800 Fiber
- toughened epoxy resin system
- 350 F cure
- plain weave fabric
- Out of spec (old) but still good
- about .6 lbs/linear yard

Cost: $10/yd for a full roll plus shipping from Pacific Northwest. (a 60lb/100yd roll is less than $100 to pretty much everywhere in the continental US) Price could be negotiable if interested in the material quickly...

Can also sell partial rolls at higher per lb price.

If interested, email



P.S. I'm not just spamming, I used to actively haunt the forums and I built a Guillemot L about 6 years ago…. I would give it a good bit of credit for my current career path in composite materials. Also built a Yost Folder, which I see have become very popular on the forums…. I'd love to build a yost folder with carbon frames and stringers, but that's not a project coming too soon.

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Material: Carbon Fiber Prepreg
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