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Skin-on-Frame: PVC Fabric - Quality vs. Price?
Date: 3/11/2008, 12:32 pm

Hi Folks,

I'm getting ready to build a Yost Sea Flea (11') for my daughter. I've been looking around town at some local sources for fabric and glue. I have found 3 places so far that carry PVC fabric, but they vary a lot in price and was wondering, is there a reason to be skeptical of the cheapest stuff? Or, is it pretty much all the same for a given weight?

My options:

1) Company A: $23/m, Centex brand, 19 ounce
2) Company B: $14.14/m, 18 ounce
3) Company C: $10.50/m, 18 ounce

I only know the brand name of the one fabric. Each place has a variety of colours available. I find it hard to believe there is much real difference between the 19 & 18 ounce fabrics based on weight alone but perhaps there is a quality difference that is reflected in the price? Companies B & C are awning & tarp manufacturers, Company A is a fabric store, featuring upholstery & other outdoors fabrics. The cheapest place for fabric is also the cheapest for the glue.

I have only seen one of these fabrics in person so far. What should I look for to evaluate quality and suitability for use on a kayak?

One final question. The fellow at Company B told me that the Red & Blue PVC fabrics will fade in the sun and of course red is the colour my daughter picked. Have others experienced this or is it not a big issue with a kayak that will probably be stored indoors much of the time (winter at least)?

Thanks in advance,

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