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S&G: Guillemot For Non-Surfing

Hi all again. Thanks to many comments a couple of weeks ago (mostly on the Design BBS), I finally decided to build the S&G Guillemot as my first ever kayak.

I weighed up the merits of a number of the free plans (want to keep the cost as low as possible for my first kayak - maybe then I can justify a stripper later if I have fun). I also intend to build something for my wife and a kid's something-or-other for my 11yo daughter after I have made mine so want to keep it to a minimum for now.

I finally decided on the S&G Guillemot, scaled up about 6% for long legs, big feet, etc but now after reading the Guillemot Surfing related thread, some of the comments have me thinking I may be going down the wrong track. Things like having a tough time keeping it in a straight line for 20 miles, meant for surfing (which I don't intend to do).

I guess I will be using my first kayak for paddling mostly in a broad, slow river (about 5 min walk from my door), some large dams that admittedly can get a little choppy in wind but far from surf-like, and a bit of estuary/bay paddling once I get some confidence & paddling skills.

I don't really see myself going anywhere near surf - at least not for a very long time, and by then, maybe I could build a stripper that was suited to it - love the look of them - magnificent.

Given all that, any comments on whether the guillemot will suit my purposes would be very welcome. I'm started having second thoughts about whether it will be suited to what *I* want. The comments I have read over the couple of days lead me to think that it is an excellent kayak, but more designed for a purpose other than what I intend.

Thanks for a great board. I've learned so much during this prepraration phase that it should all go much smoother later when I actually build something.


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