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Re: ....and another thought:
By:J. Lange
Date: 9/21/2001, 4:54 pm
In Response To: ....and another thought: (Shawn Baker)

When I saw the picture, I was also concerned about entanglement (reminded me of those obstacle course webs where football players or military have to pick up their feet to not get tripped). Although they don't stick out much in the picture, you should probably be careful about the size of the items that you put in (and if you safety tie those items in, there is the concern of another cord to deal with). Close fitting shoes would definitely reduce the potential risk. I was wondering if another idea would be to replace the bungie cord with a lycra or thin neoprene fabric. This would give a smooth surface, but still retain the holding power and stretchiness for the storage. For someone as adept at the sewing machine, this modification shouldn't be too difficult. :)

I have been thinking about the entanglement risk for awhile, and wondering how many trapped-in-the-kayak accidents there really are. I don't want to dismiss the risk, because the consequences could be very severe. I remember that Sea Kayaker magazine once printed a notice that they wanted people to write in with any entrapment stories, but I don't think there has been an article reporting their results.

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