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nice thigh racks
By:mike allen --->
Date: 9/21/2001, 3:12 pm
In Response To: Storage thingies inside cockpit *Pic* (Shawn Baker)

: Oh yeah...I didn't realize that that is the first picture I've shown of them.
: They probably are only a good option on hard-chined boats. There simply
: wouldn't be enough room in a round-bilged boat.

: I plan to add a pair of similar bungie rails under the peak of the foredeck
: for a pump and water bottle...this would work in about any boat.

nice idea shawn
might be a pinch pt between really sharp downturn hooks and a filled up rack, but unlikely. maybe consider lacing always over the rack sides for that extra 3/4in of space or putting netting on the inside rail and only bungee on the outside so you get 2 flat levels of storage not interfering w/ each other. like the wine on the inside and the map folders on the out.
good one.

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