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By:Shawn Baker
Date: 9/21/2001, 10:19 am
In Response To: Nice idea (Jay Babina)

: Very oficial kayakers get nervous about wet exits. I think since you're so
: close to the cockpit that the entanglement issue will never come up. good
: idea.

That's a concern of mine as well. Since they're out of the "foot traffic pattern", it's less of a risk...I've done numerous wet exits, and have never caught a foot, a toe, anything like that. I did have a diving mask in there one time, and kicked it out and lost it, so the foot does come near the bungies...

They're tight enough that they're not "hanging out" in a way to catch something, but since they're interconnected, they really stretch a long way, which would probably release anything that did get caught.

Wearing footwear that is close-fitting makes a big difference in minimizing your risk of entrapment/entanglement.


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