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Re: carrying straps *Pic*
Date: 8/27/2001, 12:26 am
In Response To: Re: carrying straps *Pic* (Rehd)

: Thanks Lee

: I was on the wrong track there. I used just that on my Wally and I got the
: Webbed Tubing from the local sporting goods store. They sell it for many
: things, and didn't know what I was talking about when I asked for tubing.
: It looks like woven strap ( flat ) and is usually burned ( melted ) to cut
: it to length. I had them cut a piece with some scissors and it opened up
: into tubing.

: I picked up 3' of red tubing and cut out my handle lengths. That was the
: width of my palm, 1" riser on each side and about 1 1/2" for the
: folds that the screws will go through. I picked up some 5/16 I.D. fuel
: line and cut it to the width of my palms and fed it inside the web-tube
: until it was centered and then melted the ends together with a match. I
: liked the fuel line because it is flexible, and holds it's shape real
: well. I squeezed the tubing shut with some long-nose pliers while it was
: still hot and that pretty much sealed it off. Then I folded it over twice
: so that the end was hidden in the fold and put the screws through it. Also
: rememver to pick up some brass finish washers as they will pull down into
: the cloth and give the screws a surface to flush up to. I hope this
: picture will show you what you need.

Here's a break-down of the parts I used on mine. It's strong as well as I tied my boat to the roof of a Montero and hauled it 1.000 miles to Port Townsend and home with 3/8" nylon rope through the handle. Ho harm done@
My typing still sucks, but you get the idea. ( NO harm done! )

Hope this helps!


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