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Re: carrying straps *Pic*
Date: 8/27/2001, 12:06 am
In Response To: Re: carrying straps (LeeG)

: Dave, are you speaking of straps to tie your kayak to the rack or handles
: like the ones that are on Perception kayaks that are like suitcase handles
: at the bow and stern?

Thanks Lee

I was on the wrong track there. I used just that on my Wally and I got the Webbed Tubing from the local sporting goods store. They sell it for many things, and didn't know what I was talking about when I asked for tubing. It looks like woven strap ( flat ) and is usually burned ( melted ) to cut it to length. I had them cut a piece with some scissors and it opened up into tubing.

I picked up 3' of red tubing and cut out my handle lengths. That was the width of my palm, 1" riser on each side and about 1 1/2" for the folds that the screws will go through. I picked up some 5/16 I.D. fuel line and cut it to the width of my palms and fed it inside the web-tube until it was centered and then melted the ends together with a match. I liked the fuel line because it is flexible, and holds it's shape real well. I squeezed the tubing shut with some long-nose pliers while it was still hot and that pretty much sealed it off. Then I folded it over twice so that the end was hidden in the fold and put the screws through it. Also rememver to pick up some brass finish washers as they will pull down into the cloth and give the screws a surface to flush up to. I hope this picture will show you what you need.


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