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Re: attaching vcp's
By:peter czerpak
Date: 8/1/2001, 9:25 am
In Response To: attaching vcp's (tom preska)

: Is there any way to attach vcp hatches w/o thru bolting them? I tried just
: 4200 and it is too weak stcks to the glass but not the plastic. Is it
: worth trying 5200 and scuffing the snot out of the vcp flanges

: Tom

5200 is pretty darn bombproof. takes a long time to cure unless you use the quick cure version. I could only find the quick cure version at west marine in latham, NY though. home depot only has the slow stuff.

make sure to roughen them up regardless of the adhesive in case there is a waxy/oily film on the hatches from the manufacturing process.

pete czerpak
albany, NY

PS. Finally got all the glasswork done on my dad's hull 2 weeks ago. Since then I've been to portland, OR and back. sweet time. we did get to hike around mt. hood some. the kids at snowboard summer camp looked to be having a good time. $35 lift tickets all summer long!

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