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Re: Baidarka vs Greenland
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: Sigh... Fig 38 in Zimmerly's book "Qajaq" is a baidarka ! Just ask
: a serious kayak scholar such as Eugene Arima or John Heath.

: The word baidarka is a Russian word which is used to describe a skinned over
: small boat and was used to descibe the various native kayaks that the
: Russians met in their fur gathering ventures. The word baidarka was very
: clearly used to describe Aleut and Pacific Eskimo (Kodiak included)
: kayaks. Fig 38 in Zimmerly's "Qajaq" IS a baidarka as are the
: two and three hatch kayaks of both the Aleuts and Pacific Eskimos.

: In a previous post someone related the straight keelson of figure 38 in
: Zimmerly's "Qajaq" , this is very likely an accurate drawing of
: the museum artifact but I and other replicators believe that the lack of
: rocker shown in the drawing is a result of sagging of the frame and am
: confident in saying that such a kayak would have had a noticeable amount
: of rocker.

: The term baidarka is one I personally do not care for as it is was introduced
: by a foreign people who brutalized, enslaved and practiced near genocide
: on the Aleuts and Pacific Eskimo people. The more general word kayak
: prefixed by whatever region is favored by myself, such as Aleutian kayak
: or Kodiak kayak for example.

: To call a non- skin on frame kayak built in the shape of an Aleut or Kodiak
: kayak ( baidarka if you must ) and call it a baidarka is another misnomer
: in my opinion when by definition a baidarka is a skin covered small boat.

: Peace and safe paddling.

Zimmerly lists this kayak (Fig 38) in his book "Qajaq" as a Kodiak Kayak under the separate heading of Pacific Eskimo.

Zimmerly says,"The Pacific Eskimo kayaks and people are often confused with Aleut kayaks and people because the Russians tended not to distingush between the two groups."

The Russians called every small boat baidarda as it was their term for a small boat.