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Sure... rub it in
By:Jim Eisenmenger
Date: 7/16/2001, 9:43 am
In Response To: Central Oregon paddling *Pic* (Jerry Siegel)

As an Illinois resident, it is painful to see such beauty out of reach for the most part. You are fortunate.

: I finished this Great Auk last year, but never showed you folks the scenery
: where I paddle. If you've never been to Central Oregon---- well, a
: picture's worth a thousand words. This is Sparks Lake, about 20 miles from
: my house.

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Central Oregon paddling *Pic*
Jerry Siegel -- 7/15/2001, 1:35 pm
Re: Central Oregon paddling
Les Corley -- 7/16/2001, 11:15 pm
Jerry Siegel -- 7/16/2001, 11:42 pm
Sure... rub it in
Jim Eisenmenger -- 7/16/2001, 9:43 am
Re: Sure... rub it in *Pic*
Jim Pace -- 7/16/2001, 3:54 pm
Didn't the Calumet River catch on fire once? *NM*
John Monfoe -- 7/17/2001, 3:27 am
Talk about scenic! Bet they don't do that in OR *NM*
Jim Pace -- 7/17/2001, 8:42 am
True,But ---------
Jerry Siegel -- 7/17/2001, 4:23 pm
Re: Sure... rub it in
Rehd -- 7/16/2001, 5:54 pm
Some people have all the luck! *NM*
Jerry Siegel -- 7/16/2001, 4:37 pm
Re: Central Oregon paddling
Brian Wegener -- 7/15/2001, 10:36 pm
Re: Central Oregon paddling
Walter Manley -- 7/15/2001, 3:30 pm
Re: Central Oregon paddling
Jerry Siegel -- 7/15/2001, 4:37 pm