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Re: Need a seat for a COHO
By:Bill Vance
Date: 7/10/2001, 3:42 am
In Response To: Need a seat for a COHO (Wayne G.)

: I need a seat for my COHO. One that doesn't make your butt or legs go numb. I
: need some suggestions on products or designs. I just found out about the
: thigh braces for the COHO while reviewing this BBS, that will help. I'm
: heading out to Me this coming weekend for a couple of weeks and I need to
: make my boat comfortable to paddle (enjoyable). You would't believe what I
: used to make for my seating position some what comfortable 2 yrs ago. I do
: want a slight up angle on my seat(under my thighs) and I plan on gettin'
: rid of the plastic back and go with something else (need a suggestion for
: a better back strap,too)Hope you can give me some ideas to try for a more
: pleasurable paddlin' experience in my COHO.......Wayne G.


I purchased a "Total Air" form Seaairsports for my Coho and have been pleased with the comfort the seat has provided. So far in paddles up to 4 hours in duration I have not had any problems with leg pain or numbness. You can view several seating possibilities at There are only two problems I have had with the seat. First, the tape on the backside of the velcro strips is not strong enough. The velcro is so strong that it can rip the postitioning tape away from the hull when trying to remove the seat for cleaning etc. Second, there is a slight sensation of movement between the boat and my bottom when paddling in confused seas. This is easily solved by letting out the air in the lower portion of the seat which provides greater derriere' contact with the hull. I find the big advantage of the seat is that it provides a range of options between comfort and contact in a very low profile. At full air capacity I doubt that you would sit even one inch above the hull. I used the backbrace that came with the Coho kit as a support for the seat. I just cut slots at the location the male/female straps attached to the seat, ran the straps through the slots, mated and tightened. Seems to work well.


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