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Re: Further Adventures of James GB
By:Mitch Isoe
Date: 6/17/2001, 2:48 pm
In Response To: Further Adventures of James GB (James Neely)

I went stapleless, but used an internal strongack rather than external, and decided to glass the inside before I did the deck. After sanding and and doing the glass job, other than at the extreme ends where I built up a 1" wide fillet, the forms went back in without problem I guess the amount of material you remove getting ready to glass is replaced by the glass and epoxy. Where I had the fillet a bit of trimming on the bow and sterm form with a surform allowed a nice tight fit. With the humdity in the summer I wanted to avoid any hull changes.


: Now comes the big question. Now that it's open and ready, would I be asking
: for big problems if I went ahead and glassed the inside of the hull now
: and then reinstalled the forms? Could be one of those serendipitous
: accidents that solves the problem of needing to rush through the deck
: stripping in order to get the insides glassed.
: HMMMM ...Waddya think, Guys? Crazy idea?

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