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Re: First Timer - - THANKS !!
By:David Hanson
Date: 6/12/2001, 12:19 pm
In Response To: First Timer - - THANKS !! (David Elles)

: Wow... I posted a couple of weeks ago about starting my first kayak. The
: response was fantastic... THANKS !! I have purchased Nick's book and am
: half way through after a couple of hours reading. I have purchased my
: graph paper today and am going to get going on graphing the forms! Still
: deciding on wood to use. . .

: It is funny, when I told my girlfriend and dad aobut this new project, they
: said "WOW, when is it going to be done, a couple of years ?" I
: sensed some skepticism . . . and imagine that once it gets started, they
: will both jump in and want to help !!

: Thanks again for the beginning of the advice that I will be seeking from this
: fantastic site. Oh yeah, I have decided to build the Guillemot !

: Asking for advice soon...
: David

I took my Guillemot to an outdoors gathering/show and showed to lots of people. It was not quite completely stripped, I was finishing up on the deck. Most people wondered where you would sit, as the strongback appeared to takeup all the room. Most could not believe it would come out or how, and some thought that you would sit on top of the whole boat. Interesting mental pictures these people derived from this half finished boat!

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First Timer - - THANKS !!
David Elles -- 6/11/2001, 12:11 pm
Re: First Timer - - THANKS !!
David Hanson -- 6/12/2001, 12:19 pm
You are welcome
Paul G. Jacobson -- 6/11/2001, 10:53 pm