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Re: More (OT) Fun . . . *Pic*

What do you do to relax when you're kayaking and coasting in a mangrove swamp . . . (Sorry Nick, last OT post for a while . . .) How about playing a flute?

I found this neat flute building site, and just like kayaks, you can't build just one . . . They take less than an hour build, if you make a nice one, 10 minutes if you aren't concerned with esthetics. The finished product sounds great, about as good as it gets since we're talking about a simple column of air. It takes a few days to learn how to get nice tones if you've never done it before - like me.

A good starting web page is given below. The picture shows my 3 finished flutes and a piccolo under construction. CPVC is used, cost per flute is about $1.50 . . . Cool stuff, and the other canoers/kayakers floating in your pond will probably be jealous . . . :)

Enjoy, Spidey