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Re: canoe seat - rawhide lacing *Pic*
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: Does anyone have a source of instructions or even a link to a good photo that
: will help me with doing rawhide lacing rather than caning for canoe seats?

Hello Jim

I have used 1/8" parachute cord which is similar to bootlace but I found it hard on the backside especially where the cords cross I would imagine that rawhide would have the same result. On this years canoe seats I used a nylon camping utility cord that is woven hollow with some strands if nylon on the interior this stuff lies flat almost like shoe laces in 100 foot rolls , I have only seen it in white ,so I dyed some with a walnut dye and varnished them aferward it looked good for a while , but after one summer the dye is almost completely bleached out from the sun should have used an aniline dye instead of a cheap fabric dye or just tinted it with a dark varnish which worked well on previous projects. They are still comfy on der butt and don't seem to stretch out of shape .

My 2 cents

Later Bill