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Home-built custom table saw

> Learned about this
> one from a Bolger list I'm on. It's not about strip built kayaks, but
> larger boats, mostly stitch and glue. There's also an article on building
> a custom table saw that looks interesting. It's definately worth nosing
> around in, if nothing else.

Hi Nolan

Thanks for the link, I've been thinking about building my own table saw for a while, these plans will be a great place to start.

My father-inlaw gave me an old portable circular saw, it was a good one when he got it (it's a Black & Decker heavy-duty professional model). But after 20 years or so of hard use it isn't much good for anything except maybe coverting to a table saw. The pics in your link look a lot better than what I probably would have come up with on my own, and I already know it works!

Thanks again,


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