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Re: Make Your Own Drytop
By:Shawn Baker
Date: 11/6/1999, 10:41 pm
In Response To: Make Your Own Drytop (Shawn Baker)

Thanks all,

Oh yeah, I forgot to answer the most all-important question to this board's participants: How much did it cost me in relation to the overpriced commercial stuff.

I bought the Ultrex, which is a urethane-coated supplex nylon at my local outdoor fabric store's going-out-of-business sale. 2 yards at about $5 a yard. Normal cost is only $7-8. Only black, orange, and red were left. I left the red on the rack, since I thought the orange would be about as visible as the red, yet would look pretty good next to a wood boat. Somebody (not a guy) told me that red and orange "clash" or something, so I went with the orange/black combo. My brother, who also sews, initially made fun of my choice, saying that it would only be an appropriate garment for All Hallow's Eve parties, what with the orange and black and all. So, with some bright yellow I had in my scrap pile, I cut enough to make the top of my hood and neck facing.

Back to the prices: (2) yds. Ultrex: $10 1/2 yd. uncoated taffeta (hood liner) $2 (2) Latex wrist seals: $24 (1) Latex neck seal: $16 18" - 2" wide velcro: $2 12" - 1" wide velcro: $1 84" - 1/8" shock cord: $1 12" - 1/4" elastic 4 cord locks: $2

So, I'm probably about $58 into materials and about 12 hours of time.

Ultrex is not quite as breathable as Goretex, but every bit as waterproof. It's available by mail order from Seattle Fabrics, Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics, Nairain's Outdoor Fabrics, to name a few. There are also nice ripstop supplex Ultrex's.

As Nancy mentioned, fleece is a wonderfully forgiving fabric to "learn" on, and it makes a good under-drysuit layer or cozy after-paddling layer. Get only the real Malden Mills Polartec; all the other fleeces are more cheaply made and "pill" up badly.

I don't know how best to post plans for the jacket. I don't mind giving them away, but posting them online wouldn't be accurate enough to make the pattern pieces shaped right--especially on the hood. Any suggestions? I could trace them and snail mail 'em, but that could take a bunch of time away from my new Guillemot whose forms are still waiting to be put on the strongback!

I only have one last medium to post a how-to about--drybags! I built 10 bags with $15 of scrap vinyl fabric and a big can of PVC pipe cement, and 20-25 hours, BUT then I found seconds on clearance for $5 apiece! If you can find those things that cheaply, I'd suggest buying rather than making them!



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