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Inflatable Kayak Benefits

Submitted by mrsraihan on Thu, 09/05/2019 - 15:48

There are several unique advantages of using an inflatable kayak over a traditional one made with plastic or molding. Whether you want to go kayaking in a lake, river or creek, both of these types will allow you do so comfortably and safely. However, before you go investing in a large, bulky plastic kayak that's a chore to haul around, you should familiarize yourself with some of the benefits of using an inflatable model.

The most obvious benefit that comes from using an inflatable kayak is the ease of transportation. With traditional plastic kayaks, you'll have to tie them down to a trailer so they can be transported to your destination. After reaching your destination, you and at least one other person will then have to pick it up to load it in the water. Thankfully, all of this work isn't necessary with an inflatable kayak, as you can store it in a backpack until you reach the river bank. If there's a long hike to the riverbank, you can rest assured knowing that carrying an inflatable kayak isn't going to sap all of your energy. Just pack it up in your backpack or toss it over your shoulder and use the pump to inflate it once you reach the river.

Let's face it, not everyone has access to a truck or large SUV for carrying around outdoor gear and camping equipment. If you own a car, you can still enjoy the fun and rewarding hobby of kayaking with an inflatable model. Because of its ability to deflate and breakdown to a fraction of its original size, you can pack it away in the trunk or backseat until you reach your destination. There's no need to strap it down to the roof where it can potentially get damaged, as it's sure to fit in any sized car or vehicle.

Contrary to what some people may believe, inflatable kayaks are extremely strong and durable. If you're looking for an adventurous run down a fast-moving river filled with protruding rocks, your inflatable kayak is up for the challenge. Most models are designed with thick PVC or polyurethane, which allows them to hold up well when rocks, branches, sticks and everything else come it's a way. In the event a hole does occur in your inflatable kayak, you can use one of the included patches to quickly fix the air leak.

Because of their lightweight design, most people find that inflatable kayaks are easier to maneuver in the water than those made of hard plastic. As a result of this increased mobility, you'll be able to better guide the kayak through waterways and canals, no matter how narrow they are. In addition, you'll likely be sitting higher on the water, as the bottom of inflatable kayaks usually doesn't dip too far down into the water. This allows the user to travel into shallow waters that traditional kayaks wouldn't be able to.

These are just a few of the many benefits associated with inflatable kayaks. The bottom line is that they allow you to enjoy the waters in the same manner a heavy plastic model does, but without all the stress and difficulty of having to carry it


Fri, 09/06/2019 - 11:35

The problem with inflatable kayaks is you have to inflate them.  I witnessed a couple last year in intense summer heat, unpacking and inflating their kayak. I would guess about a half hour until actual launch. I know they say 10 minutes but that's a fast person who's well trained. That couple had plastic boats the following year. I think if you are going on vacation, and are staying at the same place for a week, the inflatable would be a nice toy considering you inflate it once for the week.

Writing 6 paragraphs on why its wonderful is just spam. Go away!

That said, some folks prefer inflatables. Personally, I'll always build and paddle...wooden kayaks are always lighter than plastic, prettier than inflatables, and generate character through years of use that  always always gets folks talking. 

Robert N(ever in anything but wooden boats) Pruden