John Messinger RIP

Submitted byadmin onMon, 10/15/2018 - 17:36

Some of you may remember John Messinger he was a prolific poster on the KayakForum.

Sadly he passed away during a kayak race yesterday. Another friend of mine was in the race reported that "He capsized with a mile to go and was face down in the water when we got to him less than a minute later.  Despite efforts of competitors, safety boat, EMT personnel, Life Star, etc. he was pronounced dead at Hartford Hospital. "

From Facebook:

It's with a heavy heart that the family of John Messinger has asked me to write this post to inform everyone that yesterday while doing what John loved he suffered a fatal heart attack.
As soon as anymore information comes available I will post here for services and such.
Thank you for your understanding while Sue and Adam grieve for the loss of such a wonderful husband and father. — feeling heartbroken.

I saw that a couple of hours ago.  It is hard to understand how that can happen to such a fit and happy person.  He well be missed.


I had met him in Mass. one time and we had a good talk about racing and building.  My condolences to the family. He will be missed.

I just got back on the forum. I remember reading his many posts.  As a heart attack survivor and firefighter I know how tenuous surviving one is.  Huge loss to the group.