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First Folding Kayak

Submitted by cliff.landesma… on Thu, 11/15/2018 - 16:54

I have designed my own version of a folding boat, inspired by the Oru Kayak. My design has a few advantages. The design is "pure origami." If made with cardboard or coroplast (which folds), it does not require any cuts to a 6' x 12' rectangular board. If made with wood (which is rigid), it requires cutting the 6 x 12 rectangle and joining with waterproof joints. The design is simpler than Oru's.

My aim is to construct a boat that costs less than $100 in materials, lasts for at least 25 journeys, folds into a box about 2' x 3' x 1' and can be finished in less than 8 hours (not including drying time). I would like the boat to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Think Oru, but using either cardboard or thin plywood as the core. 

I am not an experienced boat builder, so guidance would be welcomed. I am considering using baltic birch plywood and fiberglass tape to create waterproof flexible joints. Can tape alone be strong enough to hold the wood panels together? Will I need to reinforce with metal hinges?

I am attaching a link to a 1/3 scale cardboard model and a diagram (posted to Facebook).

Thanks for any suggestions!