hatch gaskets with magnetic closures

Submitted byfrankp onTue, 09/11/2018 - 13:38

I got some magnets for doing magnetic closures on my hatches but I'm wondering how the experts install their gaskets.  Any suggestions?

Rob Macks Laug…

Wed, 09/12/2018 - 09:20

Hatch construction details and gasket placement work together to make a waterproof hatch.

For magnetic hatch construction and gasket installation see these videos;




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I was so proud of the flush hatches on my stripper. Even got the front one waterproof after 18 months of fiddling. I’m now removing the magnets after big rusting problems. Even resetting them in more epoxy didn’t help. I’ll try internal cross bars tightened with a bolt and external nut. 







Hans were you magnets coated and were they a 3 layer coating Epoxy+Copper+Nickel ?  I tried magnets with my last build and so far I have not had issues.   I am just wondering what others have experienced and if the coating material has made a difference. 

I plan on removing the webbing tie downs (overlapping hatches) on the hatches of the VJ and changing them to flush mount using magnets. Has anyone tried using lacquer to coat the magnets?

My experience with lacquer on furniture is that it doesn't stand up well to moisture. Set a damp glass on a piece of fine lacquered woodwork and you'll have to repair a nasty "water ring" mark.

I  have no expectation it would be a good sealant to protect against rust in a damp environment.

On the other hand, I have used epoxy covered magnets in mixing some nasty chemicals for years. Until the epoxy wears away with years of spinning, the magnets are very well protected ( and chemically inert ).

If you have any epoxy around, I'd suggest you go with that. Use at least two coats.