Christmas tool wish list (join in)

Submitted by JayBabina on Wed, 12/19/2018 - 15:30

Since the forum has been dormant.... Here's my Santa wish list tool. Its one of those things you hardly ever need so you never bought but would love to have on occasion.

12 inch, table top disc sander.

Jay, I don't want to 'pop' your Christmas dream this close to Christmas so I will just post my experience. I had a combo 12" disc/belt sander. I might as well have called the fire department and had them hose my shop with dust everytime I used it. I could never come up with a dust catching system for it that worked. It was so bad that I very seldom used it. Another problem I did not like was it was difficult to change grits. the sanding disc was always scrap when removed whether it was worn out or not. I sold it to another kayak builder who was tickled pink to get it. I don't know how it turned out as I never heard from him again ??

I replaced that sander with a 10" ossicilating spindle/belt sander from Rigid. It is, by far, the best sander I have ever owned. It was very easy to fabricate a dust catching system for it that works very well. It uses 10" sanding belts that can be changed in about 10 seconds so changing grits is very easy. I do a lot of metal sanding too so I am always switching back and forth between wood sanding and metal sanding belts. It also comes with 7 different spindle sanders from 5/8" to 2.5" diameters that are very handy. It has a front shelf that is very easy to adjust down for angle cuts.

No, I do not represent Rigid - - I am just very happy with this sander :)

My tool 'wish list' would be a multi axis vertical mill - - I have a better chance of being 25 again :((

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ya'all :))

I have both a 12 inch disk sander and the Rigid sander.  I actually get more dust from the Rigid sander and like both of them.  It is hard to beat the disk sander for sanding form edges down to the line.  My list is mostly for small stuff, some files, the robo bevel, and a few bigger things like another 100 yards of glass.  I have been out of a job for 8 months now so I will probably get a role of blue tape and call it good.

John VanBuren

Thu, 12/20/2018 - 07:03

I already have way more tools than someone with my limited skill set should have, BUT it would be nice to have a nice Lie Nielsen or Lee Valley Router plane for lapstrake construction canoe building.

John VB

I gave up trying to keep work tables clean, I just build more :)

I have 2 ea.  3' x 8' roll around tables, a countertop that is 26" x 10' with full storage doors and drawers above and below, just like a kitchen, a desk that is 30" x 4', a special kayak building table that is 24" x 14' and last week I bought a sheet of 3/4" plywood to make a 38" x 4' removable top for my tablesaw. I have a separate 6' x 12' room with shelves on both sides to store hardware, unused tools, etc. that is pretty much full . . . . . . and I still have a hard time finding a place to set something down :(

I even built a 2' tall roll around cabinet and a 12" tall roll around stool just so I could work on stuff setting on the floor :(((

I wish I hadn't answered this, now that I actually list everything I can't use I feel pretty pathetic  :(((((

Jay, ya mean, oh look, here are some parts that I thought I had bought but I couldn't find them so I bought new ones yesterday, that kind of interesting stuff . . .