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Submitted byjackmarison93 onWed, 11/28/2018 - 23:52

Hi Everyone!


Nice that the forums are back- and that I could register a new account (with my name and regular email).

So I have started a build class.  It's taken a long time to line up the details with the venue (who wanted me in the first place), but the first official class is this week.  We're building Shrike plywood kayaks, starting with cutting the panels on a CNC router.  I'm wondering how many people have ever run a build class before, and what the major pitfalls are going to be.  I'll hold my nose for the horror stories, since I've passed the point of no return.  

I ran a building class years ago and we built 4 kayaks. We drew lots for each hull when just about finished.

Panels were cut with a handsaw. Very easy, very cheap, very quick.

No horror stories. One of the kayaks 3 of us didn't really want but one of the group did - worked out well. The one I built, a few years later my partner did her first multiday trip in, an exposed bit of coast and at the end a bit equal to paddling through Corryvreckan.

At our Men's Shed at present a member is finishing building a kayak my partner half built (her second one) and being American seems always to try and find the most complicated way of doing things. An instance - trimming off the deck edges after gluing the deck down. "Angle grinder or jigsaw?"

"No, just use a handsaw, it is quicker and neater."

Etienne Muller

Thu, 11/29/2018 - 13:18

When I  find myself becoming impatient watching people trying to use hand tools effectively, I switch to my left hand and give it a go. Then I know how they are feeling.


> watching people trying to use hand tools effectively, I switch to my left hand and give it a go

Why? I use which ever hand comes to hand. If the wood is sticking out to the left of the bench (or what ever), left hand to the saw, item to the right, use the saw with the right hand. Doesn't everyone do that? WHAT !!! No? !!!

Admittedly for an accurate start to a cut I'll usually use my left hand.