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I am in the process of converting an old boat trailer into a 4 place kayak trailer. The frame is 2.5" square tubing with two 2.5" square vertical posts 54" high and 80" apart with two 48" storage boxes slightly recessed on each side of center and just ahead of the axel. This has been a part time project all summer and from day one I did not know how I was going to hang the kayaks or secure them down. I have reached the point I have to make a decision and I have - - - - nothing :((

Everytime I think I have an idea I realize I don't. So, PLEASE send me some ideas. For me a photo is worth 10,000 words so if you have a picture please include it. I will be setting right here, all night if necessary :)

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Mon, 08/06/2018 - 22:26

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Ok so I'm not sure. My hold down points are a large chain link welded to the cross members next to the center upright on either side. The outside end is a piece of 1/4 rod bent to a U-shape and welded into the angle I used as a cross member, I would us the link here too next time. The cross members are covered with the outer cover of a firehose that we ruined on a fire one day. The whole rack comes off the trailer in three pieces so the trailer is dual purpose. Don

I would suggest that you incorporate roof rack type cross arms that will accept any of the commercially available kayak carriers.  Bars alone put a lot of pressure on a very small area of the kayak, especially when strapped down for highway speeds.  Over the course of time, this can cause deformation when coupled with high temps/hot sun.  For not that much money, you can buy the best attachment to hold each kayak.  J-racks work well for most boats, but I use saddles and rollers for the heavier double.  I have a gull wing which is great for wide boats and a dedicated V-rack for my narrow ski.

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I have a similar set up.  I purchased shop floor mats from Harbor Freight and cut them into 2.5 inch wide strips and used contact cement to glue them on the top of my arms, I glued 2 layers making them about 1.5 inches thick.  I glued one layer on each upright on the sides that face the boats.  I strap the first kayak on edge against the upright just like a j-rack.   Then I hang a rectangular boat cushion/float on each arm and slide the next boat in J Rack style so the  cushion is in between the boats.  Then I strap it on J-Rack style going all the way into the upright on the top.  It works fine.

OK, going to bed now, can't wait for anymore replies :)

A truck rack is out, I need to haul 4 boats and use my wife's Honda. I am thinking of some sort of cradle for each boat. Each will have a rope from the bow to an anchor ring at the front of the trailer. Mr. Nye's trailer is somewhat close to what I am working on except I am going vertical.

I was going to make a cradle with 1.25" round tube bent and welded to the posts and put 3" diameter pool noodles over the tube. May still do that. I guess I will block a kayak in place on each side of the trailer and see what I got. May give me some inspiration. If the end result isn't to embarrassing I will post a photo when it is finished.

Again, thank you for your replies.

Paddle Marco

Thu, 08/16/2018 - 15:55

Nice trailers.  I went with a Triple Crown 12 FT x 5 FT.  Drilled ou holes on each side for shelves, inserted 1 inch pipe in each hole for 3 shelves.  Hard to describe but a picture attached.  Use PVC pipe to sleeve the 1 inch pipes so the boats can slide on and off easily without scratcing.  Can fit 10 in the trailer.  https://www.paddlemarco.com

kayak trailer


No problem hauling store-bought kayaks stacked in a trailer, they will hold up well. Cedar strip kayaks on the other hand, well, just seems like it should be illegal :)

I am still slowly working on my trailer, along with several other on-going projects. It is pretty much complete except for racks to hold the kayaks. Next week I will block a 17' Guillemot in place against the trailer uprights and see if any great ideas pop into my head. I have been accused of. "over thinking." small problems before so this won't be the first time I started with a mole hill and ended up with a mountain.

Still interested in photo's of how you did yours :)

David Poole

Wed, 08/22/2018 - 09:28

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Those plastic boats are tough. I'm not so sure about the others.  On my canoe/kayak trailer bars I put cradles for the expensive boats and padding (pool noodles) for the others. The padding spreads the point load out a little and prevents a "burnishing" effect should the tie downs loosen or the road get real rough. 

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