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Canoe Restoration

Submitted by Pruden17 on Thu, 06/13/2019 - 16:51

Worked on the olde QuickSilver ll canoe today. Sanded off the chalky gel coat down to stuff unaffected by UV exposure, was left with a scratchy surface for great epoxy mechanical attachment, then gave it a decent coat of epoxy. Mistake #1 and only #1: mixed a 1-liter batch of epoxy to avoid mixing several small batches. Worked great for 1/2 of the canoe...and then things got real hot...forgot why it's very important to use only small batches of epoxy. 

Hot epoxy sets fast


Late night work

It's midnight and she's got 2 coats of epoxy now. Next step while I wait for the cure is to install the new yoke and cross brace. She'll be painted with fire red Brightside one part epoxy 

Final coat

Not the best image but...the final coat of Brightside has been applied. Tomorrow I'll flip 'er over and remove the cross-pieces and seats n get on with painting the inside of the hull. After that I'll install the new oak cross-pieces and then figure out if I want to make my own wood cup holders or install some kind of aftermarket thingies.